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A facelift is a type of plastic surgery procedure that restores the youthful and vivacious elements of one’s facial area. A successful facelift can shave years off of one’s appearance and result in a big confidence boost. However, like most things, there are both good and bad facelifts. Recognizing the signs of either can mean the difference between being satisfied with your results or having to return to the operating room to revise your results. Below we cover 5 key signs you have good facelift results.

5 Key Signs You Have Good Facelift Results

If you have a facelift scheduled or are even just thinking about obtaining one, then take a look at this review of how to recognize the signs of a good facelift.

Facelift Basics

During a facelift, a physician pulls the skin of the face back in a highly precise way. This tightens the skin, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, and can reduce the formation of jowls.

A well-performed facelift can offer a patient truly stunning results. On the other hand, a poorly performed one can leave one feeling even more unhappy with one’s appearance.

Some tell-tale signs of a poorly performed facelift include:

  • Visible scars
  • Skin that appears overstretched and unnatural
  • Limited facial movements
  • Dissonance in the appearance of one’s face and neck
  • Strangeness in the appearance of one’s ear lobes

Much of what makes a good facelift is in the opposite of these common mistakes.

1. Well-placed Scars

In a well-performed facelift, a patient’s scars are expertly placed so that they have the least amount of impact possible on a patient’s appearance.

In most cases, this means placing the scars in a number of strategic places. Some of these include:

  • Scars in front of the ears that follow the natural curves of the ear
  • Scars behind the ears should be placed in the hollow where the ears meet the skull
  • Scars that are placed within the hairline

The goal of a facelift is to disguise the fact that a facelift has taken place at all. Part of this is to hide the presence of one’s scars.

2. Your Facial Movements Should Be Normal

A poorly performed facelift can result in a patient appearing as if their facial features are robotic or “frozen.”

This often can result from the skin being overstretched or nerves being damaged in the surgery process.

On the contrary, a well-executed facelift will result in a patient being able to perform their normal range of facial movements and expressions.

3. Your Skin Is Tight In the Right direction

The skin-tightening element of a facelift is one of its primary components and one that should be executed with care.

You can often tell that a facelift has been performed poorly if the skin tightening element appears unnatural or confused, with the skin pulled in a number of different directions.

Pulling the skin tight in the right direction is indicative of a well-performed facelift and of a competent physician.

4. You Appear Much Younger

A well-executed facelift should hypothetically result in a patient appearing much younger than before the operation – in most cases, this is as much as 10 years younger.

This is the goal that both patient and physician should have in mind when you enter the operating room. Anything less can amount to a loss in potential.

In addition, this anti-aging should aim to appear natural and seamless rather than forced. This generally sits as the goal of any well-executed anti-aging procedure.

5. Your Face and Neck Appear The Same

In a well-performed facelift, a patient’s face and neck will appear seamless, as if they are within the same range age-wise.

In order to achieve this, a physician will work to have the results of their work blend seamlessly with the other features of a patient’s appearance.

On the other hand, one dead giveaway of a poorly executed facelift is to have one’s face appear significantly younger than the neck. Given that these two body parts are right next to each other, any discrepancy in this regard can give away the fact that a patient has received anti-aging treatment.

On top of this, having a young face on top of an old neck (or vice-versa) can appear very strange and actually be less desirable than not receiving treatment at all.

The Facelift Experts of Boise

Leyngold Plastic Surgery offers Boise and Meridian the best facelift treatment available. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options in relation to this life-changing procedure, then contact us today in order to discuss your best path forward.