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Benefits of Combining Breast Lift with Augmentation

If you’re looking for breast and chest enhancements, you may have some questions about which particular procedure would best fit your particular situation. Below we cover some top benefits of combining breast lift with augmentation.

Benefits of Combining Breast Lift with Augmentation

Fortunately, if you’re deciding between an expert breast lift and general augmentation, in many situations, you don’t have to choose. This is because the two procedures often complement each other quite perfectly.

If you’re interested in both or either of these surgeries, then the following information should be of interest as you navigate some of the complexities of deciding which path is best for you.

A Safe Synthesis

There are many pragmatic elements to combining breast augmentation with a breast lift, one of which is that combining the two can increase the overall safety of your operation.

This is because since the two operations complement each other well enough, you will only have to expose yourself to some of the stressful elements of surgery once instead of multiple times.

This means only going under anesthesia once, only having to go through one recovery period instead of multiple, and so on. It also means there’s less space for potential complications as opposed to multiple surgeries.

Less Potential for Scarring

Combining the two procedures into one also means that there is need for less total incisions in the surgical process. This overall means that there likely will be less potential for scarring in the total surgical procedure.

When two surgeries are performed separately, it, unfortunately, increases the potential for scarring to occur due to the higher level of chance present over the course of multiple surgeries.

By combining the two, you lower the chances of mishap in an economical way.

Enhanced Surgical Results

The two surgical processes are complementary enough that they can actually deliver enhanced surgical results if properly performed.

The combination of augmentation and breast lift will likely overall completely transform the appearance of your breasts and chest area. By engaging in the two processes at once, the physician achieves a higher level of control over the procedure.

This higher level of control means that they likely will be able to tailor the procedure to your exact specifications, delivering a highly satisfactory surgical experience.

Shorter Recovery Times

Another great thing about combining the two procedures is that you may find that your overall recovery period is much shorter.

The logic surrounding this is fairly intuitive, as with two separate surgeries, you experience two separate recovery periods. This means multiple periods of time where you have to arrange for childcare, time off of work, and other inconveniences of the post-surgical period.

By combining the two surgeries into one, you save yourself the headache of having to set aside this valuable time confined in a less-than-ideal post-surgical state.

You’ll Save Yourself Some Money

To add to the list of benefits of combining these two surgeries, there is a substantial chance that your overall procedure will end up being more affordable than if you decide to undertake the two at once.

In line with the shortened recovery time, this means that your overall surgical experience will be much more streamlined and less impactful than if you decide to take on the surgeries separately.

The combination of economic and physical efficiency overall makes the prospect of combining the surgeries quite accessible and an attractive option for most patients.

Preparing For Dual Surgeries

If you’re considering receiving a breast lift and breast augmentation, you’ll have to schedule a pre-surgical consultation with your physician.

During this consultation, you and your doctor will discuss everything from your personal medical history to your overall aesthetic goals that you might have in mind for the procedure.

Being as specific as possible with your ideal outcomes will greatly assist in the surgical process and give your doctor a better set of ideas to work with and guide your physique to your desired state.

You also will have the opportunity to make a post-surgical plan for your recovery period and to discuss any concerns or anxieties you might have surrounding the procedure with your physician.

Overall, the consultation period is your opportunity to cover any bases and ascertain any information that will make you feel safe and secure with your upcoming procedure.

Giving the Highest Quality Service Available

Leyngold Plastic Surgery and its award-winning team of doctors routinely serve the greater Boise area with the best surgeries available, delivered at reasonable rates. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss whether or not a would work for you, then take a visit to our website for more information on our plastic surgery center.