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Why people believe in us

Dr.Mark Leyngold & Dr.Ilya Leyngold Picture
“I had Botox done on me by Dr. Leyngold and the results were fabulous! He was caring and attentive and I was very happy to be his patient. He did outstanding work. My procedure was done 6 months ago and I am very much satisfied with his work.”
Margarita S
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Kurt Testimonial
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Christina Testimonial
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Elaine Testimonial
“If anyone is looking for a plastic Surgeon or anything they offer, look no more!! The entire staff and the doctor’s are so amazing and caring, beyond words! They are a talented group with huge hearts and I could not love them more! I had to reschedule my surgery due to illness and Dr. Ilya called me himself to make sure I was ok and was there anything they could do! Great bedside manner and that means a lot!! I will be rescheduling asap, I would only trust this group!!! I cannot say enough about them, they are all the best!!”
Debra D
“I had a pretty severe injury which led me to Dr. Leyngold's office. Initially, my PCP scheduled me with the wrong doctor. Dr. Leyngold's fellow was quick to review my scans to ensure it was safe to wait a few days to get into the office to see them. During my evaluation the Dr and his fellow were thorough and explained every aspect of the process moving forward. When surgical intervention was necessary, the doctor ensured I was prepared for potential risks and outcomes. The day of surgery the doctor came by and made sure I had no further questions or concerns. Dr. Leyngold treats you like a person and really knows your case. When you see him, you aren't just a number. I highly recommend him and his staff. Be prepared to wait to see him but know when he is in with you he takes his time and does not rush you through the appointments or the process.”
Rebecca C
“Dr. Leyngold is very compassionate and caring for his patients. He has completed two surgeries on my eye this year and both times he did a fabulous job. My first surgery was for eye enucleation. My family was surprised that I was in no pain and I even joined them for dinner the same day of surgery. After healing from this, Dr. Leyngold did surgery on my eyelid. Again I had zero pain and very little swelling. I am so happy with Dr. Leyngold’s skill as an ocular plastic surgeon. He did such a great job sometimes it is difficult for even me to know which eye he repaired. My eye looks EXACTLY like the other one now. I highly recommend Dr. Leyngold!”
Rosa L
“Dr Leyngold has been a Godsend! I had Bell’s Palsy almost 9 years ago and have suffered right eye spasms the entire time. I saw Dr Leyngold 3 months ago to have a chalazion removed. During that visit we discussed botox injections for my spasms. I had my second injections today. They have been life changing! It is so nice to be able to talk and chew without right eye spasms. I am also able to smile more symmetrically! It’s amazing! Dr Leyngold is a very compassionate doctor.”
Sharon B
“Dr. Leyngold was very professional and, if you asked a question, he would always answer you. He would make sure you understood what was going to happen.”
Judy H
“Very Nice Experience!! With him and his whole Staff. They make you feel so comfortable and assured that your in great hands I highly recommend him he's on point with his work, also concerned when you talk to him Loved being in their care what an awesome Team!!!.”
Veronica G
“Excellent Surgeon! Explains everything clearly about the surgery his patients need. So very happy with his work!”
Jennifer F
“He saved my eye after a dog bit my upper eyelid off. He was amazing. Thank you Dr Leyngold.”
Terry W