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Top 3 Signs of Aging in the Eyelids

Stress, injury, aging, and just plain tiredness can all take a toll on your physical appearance. Whether you are getting older or just dealing with a lot of pressure from your job, you might be noticing the effect it has on your eyes. Specifically, you may be starting to experience drooping or sagging lids. Below, we cover the top 3 signs of aging in the eyelids.

Top 3 Signs of Aging in the Eyelids

Maybe you are noticing dark circles under your eyes that will not go away no matter how often you moisturize your skin. You might be experiencing one or all of the top 3 signs of aging in the eyelids, which warrant immediate care. At Leyngold Institute for Plastic Surgery, we offer popular upper and lower eyelid surgery options to patients struggling with drooping skin. Keep reading to learn more about how the signs of aging affect the eyelids first, and how you can restore a youthful glow to your face with one simple procedure.

How Aging Affects the Skin

The skin is not only the largest organ of the body, it is also the most external. It is consistently exposed to the environment and must protect the rest of the body from harm. It is no wonder, then, that the skin is the first to feel the effects of aging as time goes on.

Your skin has the natural ability to produce ingredients like collagen and elastin, which both offer a smooth and taut surface. The skin will gradually decrease its production of these things as you grow older. Aging tends to hit the skin pretty hard, especially in its thinnest areas. This includes the eyelids and excess skin on the face. You may need to invest in a progressive restorative procedure that will not only restructure your eyelids but encourage new growth of collagen and healthy minerals.

Signs of Aging in the Eyelids

There is a vast collection of blood vessels and veins right under your eyelids. This can sometimes be seen from the outside due to how thin and translucent your skin is in this area. This is what makes your eyelids so sensitive and susceptible to the signs of aging, which include:

Fine Lines

Some people suspect that wrinkles are the first symptoms that will appear on the face. While this can be true for some, there is often a much more subtle symptom that leads to the development of large wrinkles. Creases and fine lines are small, hairline-sized creases that form around the skin of your eyelids over time. Smiling, squinting, and other similar activities can speed up the development of these fine lines.


Wrinkles are a common issue when it comes to the skin, especially surrounding the face. Also, wrinkles develop in bunches on upper eyelids and become more visibly prominent over time. Some people even compare eye wrinkles to crepes as the folds of their eyelids look like dough. Wrinkles get deeper and more prominent over time, leading to a permanent eyelid droop. Without proper care, eyelids can droop so low that they obstruct your vision.

Dark Circles

Wrinkles and creases are bad enough, but have you experienced dark circles under your lower lids? This can create a sunken look that makes you appear tired, stressed, and not as healthy as you would like. Dark circles are a prominent sign of aging because they can appear almost instantly. There are many ways to treat dark circles and wrinkles, with the most advanced options including our customized upper and lower lid lifts.

How Eyelid Surgery Can Help

If you are tired of wrinkled, saggy, or dark-outlined eyelids, you can look to us for help. We will help you address the biggest signs of aging without changing the entire look of your face. We can address everything from subtle changes to extreme lid lift options.

The first step in decreasing wrinkles and getting rid of the signs of aging is to schedule a consultation with our specialist. During your appointment, you will discuss your needs and figure out what procedure will help you reach your aesthetic goals. Upper and lower lid lifts can be done individually or together in one single procedure.

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